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Welcome to the North Carolina Vendor Registration system. We want your visit to this site to be as productive as possible and have developed some useful tips to help you use this system.

It is suggested that you print a copy of these instructions so you may follow the various topics as you navigate through the system.


The Vendor Registration System is self-administered with a review by a specialist within the Division of Purchase and Contract. You are responsible for the content of your file and any subsequent updates. Failure to enter all of the mandatory information will not enable us to post your vendor file on the Internet. Likewise it is important that all information is entered correctly. If, for example, you enter an incorrect e-mail address, we will call you to tell you that the e-mail was returned. If the phone number is also incorrect, your information shall be deleted.

Being a registered vendor does NOT guarantee the receipt of electronic notification for all applicable solicitations. Vendors must routinely check our IPS Bids site for a listing of current business opportunities from the Division of Purchase and Contract and other agencies required to post certain solicitations to this system. The Division of Purchase and Contract shall not be responsible if a vendor does not receive an electronic notification for any particular solicitation. This notification is provided as a convenience only. The Division of Purchase and Contract neither accepts nor assumes responsibility for electronic notification under all circumstances.

Create a New User ID and Password

From the Vendor Public Menu select Vendor Registration and click. This will take you to the Electronic Vendor Registration screen. After you accept the terms that are listed above, you will be taken to the Vendor Login Information screen.

To register your business you must first establish a User ID and Password. The User ID and Password must contain at least 6 characters with no spaces or special characters. Use something that you find easy to remember. You will need this User ID and Password each time you need to change your information or register for new commodity classes.

Next type in your 9-digit Federal Tax ID number, with no spaces or special characters. Your Federal ID number, for some businesses, may be your social security number. Finally type in your e-mail address. Failure to supply a valid e-mail address will result in your removal from the system.


Your registration status will be sent to your e-mail address upon successful completion of the vendor registration process. If you do not receive an e-mail from us within 2 working days, make sure your e-mail address is valid. If it is not correct, please correct it. We will also attempt to reach you by phone if the e-mail message is returned. If both your e-mail address and telephone number is incorrect, your file shall not be posted to the Vendor database.

After you have completed your vendor login information, click on the Next button to take you to the Vendor Location Information screen




Vendor Location Information

  • Enter your Company Name: This should be the way your company is normally referred to in correspondence etc. (Mandatory Field)
  • Enter Division Group or Subsidiary, if required.
  • Enter your First Name followed by your Last Name. (Mandatory Field)
  • Enter your Address (Mandatory Field)
  • Use the second Address line for any additional information.
  • Enter your City. (Mandatory Field)
  • If you reside in NC select the NC County from the drop down menu.
  • Use the drop down menu to select the US State. (Information required in either this field or the next field)
  • If non-US enter the appropriate Province and Country information.
  • Enter your Zip Code (Mandatory Field) and the four-digit extension if you know it.
  • Enter your Phone Number (Mandatory Field) and extension if applicable.
  • Enter your FAX Number where applicable.
  • Enter your Toll Free Number if applicable.
  • Your e-mail address will automatically be entered from information entered earlier.

Use the check box to indicate if yours is a small business. You may see a definition of small business by clicking on the small business link. Click on the Next button to take you to the Commodity Selection screen. From this screen you will select commodity classes for which you wish to receive e-mail notification.


Commodity Class Selection

To receive e-mail notification for selected commodity classes follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the IPS Category. (The commodity classes will automatically be displayed.)
  2. Click the commodity class. (The selections will appear in the bottom portion of your screen.)
  3. Click the Return to Category button and select the next Category and repeat the process.
Any previous selections for a different IPS Category will already have been saved and will be displayed in the bottom portion of your screen.
To delete any commodities selected in error, simply click the Remove button in the bottom portion of the selection screen.
After you have made your final selections, click the Next button to record all of your information.

HUB Categories

After you have made your commodity class selections and click on the Next button, you will be taken to the HUB Categories screen. You are asked to complete questions pertaining to Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) status. If you are not a Historically Underutilized Business, your registration process is complete and you will receive e-mail notification from the Division of Purchase and Contract within two business days. If you are a Historically Underutilized Business, see the section pertaining to completing the information required for HUB certification. At this point you will be shown a summary of all the information that you have supplied. You can make changes to any of this information by clicking on the Change Vendor Information or Update HUB Information/HUB Recertification link. This will take you to the Vendor Login screen. After a sucessful login you will be presented with the Vendor Change Menu.


Vendor Change Menu

If you need to change any of your information that you have previously supplied, it easy to do so. From the main Vendor Menu, click on the Change Vendor information link. From this screen you have the following options: Change Your Password, Change Company Information, Change Location Information, Add/Remove Commodities, Add/Remove SIC Codes or Add/Modify HUB Information.

If you want to change your password click on the Change Password link. If you have forgotten your password and typed in an incorrect password an "Invalid password entered" message will be displayed. You may then click on the E-mail My Password link and your password will be sent to you. If you want to change your company information click on the Change Company Information link. All of your company information will be displayed and you may change information previously supplied. Likewise you may change information concerning location, commodities, SIC listings, or HUB information. Changes to passwords, commodities or SIC listings will not require approval. Changes to company information may require approval. Changes to vendor’s Federal Tax ID, for example, require approval from the Division of Purchase and Contract. . You will, again receive e-mail notification of any changes within two business days.


HUB Certification Request

If you have checked any of the boxes in the HUB Categories screen pertaining to Historically Underutilized Business status you will proceed to the HUB Certification Request screen. If wish to be considered for HUB certification, check the appropriate box. Then click on the Next button.


HUB Ownership Information

After clicking on the Next button, you proceed to the HUB Ownership Information screen. In section 1, use the drop down menu to select ownership type, Corporation/LLC, Sole Proprietorship, or Partnership/LLP/LP. Type in the start date of the business. This information will determine what documents you must supply later in the certification process. In section 2, complete the information on ownership of the firm. Use as many boxes as required to show all owners. (Six boxes will be provided. At least one entry must be made in the first line.) The total should equal 100% in order for the HUB office to accurately assess your application. Complete the section by answering the question pertaining to the control of daily business operations of your firm. In section 3, answer the question on whether or not you are a construction contractor. (This section pertains to Historically Underutilized Businesses only.) Then click on the Next button.


HUB Certification Instructions

You should now be viewing the HUB Certification Instructions screen. Additional supporting documents may be requested and must be supplied to the HUB Office upon their request.

Your business will begin receiving notifications of procurement opportunities for commodities within two business days of submitting your application, but your certification as a HUB vendor may take longer. Confirmation of your HUB status will be sent to you via e-mail.


HUB Recertification Procedure

If you wish to retain or renew your "HUB" certification with the State of North Carolina, you are required to acknowledge that there have been no changes in ownership, management or business structure of your company since you were last certified.

Go To: Update HUB Information/HUB Recertification
Enter:  User ID and Password
Go To: Add/Modify HUB Information

Then simply follow directions on screen.

Construction Code Selection

If you have indicated that you are a construction contractor, you may then select the appropriate codes for the Construction Industry from the Construction Code Selection screen. This list is provided as a convenience only. E-mail notifications will not be sent for any current or future solicitations. General Construction Contractors and purchasing personnel use this listing to locate HUB vendors to assist in construction projects. Select items of interest as you have done previously with the commodity selection list.

  1. Select the Division from those shown. (The listed codes for each division will automatically be displayed.)
  2. Choose the items from those listed, (Your selections will be shown in the bottom portion of the selection screen.)
  3. Then select the next Division and repeat the process. If you have made an error you may simply click the Remove button and it will be removed.
When you have finished with your selections click the Next button to record your choices.