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Contact: Gina Ferguson Added on: 1/8/2009 11:51:16 AM
Address: 121 Cloverleaf Drive
Winston Salem, NC 27103 FORSYTH
United States
Phone: 336-765-7900 x 33
Fax: 336-765-4858
Toll Free:
Email Address:

Small Business: No
HUB Certified: Yes W
Business Type: Corporation

Service Type/License/Work Classification
General Contractor NC License No. 41878 Limitation - None - Highway

Registered Construction Codes
01600 Product Requirements (Materials/Equipment)
01900 Facility Decommissioning (Hauling/Debris Removal)
02050 Basic Site Materials and Methods
02100 Site Remediation
02200 Site Preparation
02300 Earthwork
02600 Drainage and Containment
02700 Bases, Ballasts, Pavements, and Appurtenances
02800 Site Improvements and Amenities
02900 Planting
02950 Site Restoration and Rehabilitation

Registered Commodities
210 Concrete, Metal Culverts, Pilings, Septic Tanks, Accessories
305 Eng. ,Architectural, Surveying Equip., Drawing Instruments
550 Markers, Plaques, and Traffic Control Devices
658 Pipe, Tubing, And Accessories (Not Fittings)
659 Pipe and Tubing Fittings
745 Road and Highway Building Materials (Aphaltic)
750 Road and Highway Building Materials (Not Aphaltic)
755 Road, Highway Asphalt & Concrete Handling & Processing Equip
760 Road and Highway Equipment: Earth Handling, Grading
765 Road, Highway Equipment (Except Equip In Classes 755 & 760)
780 Scales and Weighing Apparatus (175-08 For Lab. Balances)
801 Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equip, Related Supplies
912 Construction Services, General (Incl. Main And Repair)