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Contact: Floyd Collins Jr Added on: 2/3/2011 3:03:24 PM
Address: 325 W. Mountain St.
Kernersville, NC 27284 FORSYTH
United States
Phone: 800-349-5660
Toll Free: 800-349-5660
Email Address:

Small Business: Yes
HUB Certified: Yes B
Business Type: Corporation

Service Type/License/Work Classification
General Contractor Limitation - None - Unclassified
General Trades/Sub Contractor

Registered Construction Codes
01300 Administrative Requirements (Project Management/Coordinator)
01800 Facility Operation (Maintenance)
01900 Facility Decommissioning (Hauling/Debris Removal)
10100 Visual Display Boards
10750 Telephone Specialties
11050 Library Equipment
11060 Theater and Stage Equipment
11120 Vending Equipment
11130 Audio-Visual Equipment
11140 Vehicle Service Equipment
11680 Office Equipment
12050 Fabrics
12400 Furnishings and Accessories
12500 Furniture
12700 Systems Furniture
13700 Security Access and Surveillance
14600 Hoists and Cranes
16050 Basic Electrical Materials and Methods
16100 Wiring Methods
16400 Low-Voltage Distribution
16700 Communications
16800 Sound and Video

Registered Commodities
120 Boats, Motors, And Marine Equipment
203 Computer Accessories & Supplies, Environmentally Certified
204 Computer Hardware, Periph. For Microcomputers
206 Computer Hardware, Peripherals For Mini, Mainframe Computers
207 Computer Accessories and Supplies
208 Computer Software for Microcomputers (Preprogrammed)
209 Computer Software for Mini, Mainframe Comp. (Preprogrammed)
251 Data Processing Cards And Paper, Environmentally Certified
280 Electrical Cables and Wires (Not Electronic)
425 Furniture: Office
525 Library and Archival Equipment, Machines, and Supplies
840 Television Equipment and Accessories
880 Visual Education Equipment and Supplies
918 Consulting Services
920 Data Processing, Computer, Programming, & Software Services