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Carolina Management Team, LLC
Detail Information
Contact: Wendy Banks Added on: 3/31/2004 12:19:10 PM
Address: 49 McDowell Street
Asheville, NC 28801 BUNCOMBE
United States
Phone: 336-431-7708
Toll Free:
Email Address:

Small Business: Yes
HUB Certified: Yes W
Business Type: LLC

Service Type/License/Work Classification
General Contractor NC License No. 67579 Limitation - Unlimited - Building;Utilities
Electrical Contractor - NONE
General Trades/Sub Contractor

Registered Construction Codes
02950 Site Restoration and Rehabilitation
03900 Concrete Restoration and Cleaning
04900 Masonry Restoration and Cleaning
05900 Metal Restoration and Cleaning
06900 Wood and Plastic Restoration and Cleaning
07050 Basic Thermal and Moisture Protection Materials and Methods
07100 Dampproofing and Waterproofing
07200 Thermal Protection
07900 Joint Sealers
09050 Basic Finish Materials and Methods
09900 Paints and Coatings
10700 Exterior Protection

Registered Commodities
3120 Adhesives & sealants
3124 Industrial optics
7017 Water resources development & oversight
7210 Building & facility maintenance & repair services
7215 Specialized trade construction & maintenance services