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Betis Group, Inc.
Detail Information
Contact: Hernan Cortes Added on: 12/2/2015 5:10:06 PM
Address: United States
1420 Beverly Road
Suite 330
McLean, VA 22101
United States
Phone: 703-532-2008
Fax: 703-532-4455
Toll Free: 866-752-3847
Email Address:

Small Business: Yes
HUB Certified: Yes HA
Business Type: Corporation

Service Type/License/Work Classification
Electrical Contractor - NONE;SP-LV

Registered Construction Codes
11130 Audio-Visual Equipment
16400 Low-Voltage Distribution
16700 Communications
16800 Sound and Video

Registered Commodities
203 Computer Accessories & Supplies, Environmentally Certified
204 Computer Hardware, Periph. For Microcomputers
207 Computer Accessories and Supplies
208 Computer Software for Microcomputers (Preprogrammed)
600 Office Machines, Equipment, and Accessories
605 Office Mechanical Aids, Small Machines, And Apparatus
838 Telecommunication Equipment, Accessories And Supplies
839 Telephone Equipment, Accessories And Supplies