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The NC Business Invitation Delivery System (NC BIDS) is a new feature of IPS that enables vendors to respond to specified solicitations electronically. Vendors must be registered in the NC electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) to use the feature. NC BIDS is being implemented in waves, with specific state agencies beginning participation in each wave. After an agency begins participation in NC BIDS, all subsequent solicitations posted by that agency will display a new eBid button on the IPS website, and each solicitation document will indicate whether the eBid button can be used for that solicitation.

Helpful Tips

Welcome to North Carolina Purchase and Contract's Interactive Purchasing System. Please review the following tips for navigating this site.

NC electronic Vendor Portal Home

The NC electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) is a one‐stop site to register for all the Department of Administration’s systems including the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS), the Statewide Uniform Certification (SWUC) Program, and NC E‐Procurement @ Your Service.

Bids by Category

The Bids by Category page offers a menu of all solicitations listed by specific commodity groups and by the number of solicitations for each category. Simply select the desired category to view the solicitations. When you select a specific category, the bid number, description, date issued, bid opening date, and bid opening time are displayed. Statewide Term Contracts are listed in red and Agency Specific Term Contracts are in green. Information on pre‐bid/ mandatory conference/ site visits/ addenda is shown where applicable. If solicitations are cancelled before the bid opening date, then it will remain on the system until the original bid opening date. If the solicitation is cancelled after the bid opening date, it remains on the system for ninety days after the cancellation date. If there are difficulties retrieving a particular solicitation, please click on the link located under the Help column.

Bids by Department

On the Bids by Department page you can view current solicitations for a specific agency. However, only active links are underlined and the number of solicitations are listed by agency name.

Search Open Bids

The Search Open Bids page allows you to look up bids in a number of ways. You may search by individual or all purchasing entities, specific or all categories, or you may search to find all solicitations for a specific department, a specific category, or keywords. For example, if you are searching for the keyword "boat," you will receive results containing the word "boat" in the title of the bid. You will not receive any bids with a keyword acronym, in this case, a word such as "ship." The keyword search is limited to five words. If there are solicitations that fit these criteria, they will be returned. If you know specific date information on a solicitation, you may search a specified date range on the following: open date, mandatory conference/site visit date, cancel date, issue date, or last change date. You must specify a valid date range following today's date if searching an open date or mandatory conference/site visit date.

Search Bid Number

The Search Bid Number page is where you can look for bids by number, which will return any open solicitations, solicitations under evaluation, bid tabulations, or awarded solicitations for a period of ninety days beyond the award date. If the solicitation has been awarded, the tabulation may be viewed by clicking the link, "view bid tabulation." If the solicitation is cancelled before the opening date, they will be shown until the original bid opening date. If the solicitation is cancelled after the opening date that information will remain available to the public for ninety days after the cancellation date.

P&C Homepage

The Division of Purchase & Contract website houses all the latest procurement information and opportunities for the state of North Carolina including a database of issued Statewide Term Contracts, standard specifications, a qualified product list (QPL), information on quality assurance inspections, upcoming trainings and much more.