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Apparel & Luggage & Personal Care Products - (2)
Non-industrial clothing, garments shoes or boots and accessories as well as briefcases, suitcases, trunks and travel accessories. Articles or preparations used in personal hygiene and personal care
Building & Construction Machine & Accs - (1)
The machines and accessories used in support of the construction, repair and maintenance of structures and roads.
Building & Facility Construction & Maintenance SVC - (37)
Services associated with the construction and maintenance of facilities, buildings, structures, roads and infrastructure.Trades such as general contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, and roofing, landscaping, gardening & pest control.
Chemicals including Bio Chemicals & Gas Matls - (2)
Inorganic and organic chemicals and compounds in solid, liquid or gaseous form used in an industrial or manufacturing process
Cleaning Equip & Supp - (3)
The equipment and supplies used in environmental protection and wastewater management as well as in the cleaning of offices and lavatories. Commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment.
Commercial, Military&Private Vehicles & Accs&Compt - (9)
Vehicles used in conveyance of persons or materials, like automobiles & space, marine, & powered air craft, motorized cycles & rail bound vehicles, recreational & non-motorized craft. Things and systems used to repair, maintain & support these vehicles.
Construction Services - (47)
Includes services performed by licensed and non-licensed General, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors
Defense Law Enforcemnt Security&Safety Equip&Supp - (7)
Equipment and supplies used in defense, law enforcement and security. Equipment and supplies for personal safety.
Design Services - (22)
Design work performed by Architects and Engineers as they relate to construction.
Distribution & Conditioning System & Equip & Compt - (1)
Systems, devices and Comptents used to control the movement or conditioning of air, gases or fluids. Equipment and Comptents used in plumbing, air cooling or heating (HVAC).
Domestic Appliances, Supp & Consumer Elect Prods - (0)
Floor coverings, bedclothes, table and kitchen linen, towels, window treatments, domestic appliances, consumer electronics and kitchenware.
Drugs & Pharmaceutical Products - (1)
Natural or synthetic materials and compounds used in the prevention or treatment of disease in humans.
Editorial & Design & Graphic & Fine Art SVC - (4)
Services associated with print and broadcast media such as editorial, advertising and public relations as well as graphic and fine art.
Education & Training SVC - (1)
Services associated with the supply of information leading to a reasoned understanding of a science, art, or technique. Formal instruction or supervised practice especially in a skill, trade or profession.
Electric Systems,Lighting&Compt & Accs & Supp - (2)
Lighting fixtures and electrical Comptents and supplies.
Electronic Compts & Supp - (1)
Electronic Comptents used (or consumed) in the manufacturing and maintenance of electronic or electro-mechanical devices and systems. Commodities like semiconductors, integrated circuits, circuit card assemblies and light emitting diodes.
Engineering, Research & Technology Based SVC - (25)
Services associated with professional engineering, information and computer technology, economic analysis, and manufacturing production planning and control as well as cartographic, weather forecasting, and other earth science services.
Environmental SVC - (3)
Services associated with environmental protection and management as well as environmental science and technology. This segment also includes pollution control.
Farm,Fishing,Forestry & Wildlife Contracting SVC - (6)
Services associated with the production, management and protection of plants, soil and land resources as well as those related to the breeding of animals and services related to wildlife.
Farming,Fishing, Forestry &Wildlife Machine & Accs - (0)
Machines and accessories necessary to cultivate and preserve soil, trees, plants as well as those necessary for breeding of animals.
Financial & Insurance SVC - (2)
Services associated with finance, banking, investing and insurance. Included in this section are escrow services.
Financial Instrums, Products, Contracts& Agreement - (0)
Financial instruments and products arising from contractual agreements of a financial nature.
Food Beverage & Tobacco Products - (2)
Human food and beverages as well as condiments, colorings, flavorings and preservatives used in the preparation of food or beverages. Plant extracts, mineral supplements and vitamins for human consumption.
Fuels,Fuel Additive,Lubricant&Anti Corrosive Matls - (0)
Natural gases & processed items used to make heat or power enhanced additives & to reduce friction & wear if introduced as a film between solid surfaces. Able to reduce, prevent corrosion of metallic surfaces & petroleum-based & synthetic waxes & jellies.
Furniture & Furnishings - (1)
Furniture used in domestic as well as office or business settings. Additionally, furniture of the sort often found in schools or libraries is included here. Last, institutional furniture is included here as well.
Healthcare SVC - (3)
Services associated with research and delivery of healthcare. Traditional and alternative healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and therapists as well as services related to alternative medicine. Hospitals, clinics, lab services & pharmacists.
Industrial Cleaning SVC - (10)
Services associated with wastewater management. This segment also includes industrial cleaning services such as building site cleanup or janitorial services.
Industrial Manufacture & Process Machine & Accs - (0)
The machines and accessories necessary to manufacture or process products or Comptents. Machinery and equipment for manufacturing and processing of food and beverages, textile, leathers and fabrics and, lapidary equipment
Industrial Production & Manufacturing SVC - (2)
Contracted services associated with industrial and manufacturing processes.
Info Technology Broadcasting & Telecommunications - (7)
Communications and computer equipment as well as peripheral input, output and storage devices. This segment also includes networking equipment and general computer Comptents and supplies such as printers, electronic storage media and connection cables.
Laboratory & Measuring & Observing & Testing Equip - (3)
The machines, equipment and tools used in laboratories, as well as measuring, observing and testing equipment
Land Buildings, Structures &Thoroughfares - (1)
Land and waterways and related real property physical and structural assets.
Live Plant & Animal Material, Accs & Supp - (1)
Live, wild and domesticated, seeds and plants and animals. This segment also includes materials and equipment used in the care, containment and feeding of live plants and animals.
Management & Business Professionals & Admin SVC - (11)
Services associated with the management and administrative functions of an organization or business. This segment also includes business administration, human resources, marketing, management consulting, legal, and real estate services
Manufacturing Compts & Supp - (2)
Supplies for manufacturing & construction. Castings, forgings & extrusions, fasteners, bearings, bushings, industrial wheels, sprockets, gears, gaskets, seals & springs. Abrasives, industrial adhesives, sealants & solvents, paint, primer, finishes & dyes.
Matl Handling,Condition,Storage Machine Acc & Supp - (2)
The machines, accessories, and supplies necessary for material conveyance, lifting, rotating, tilting and turning and the safekeeping of goods in a depository such as a warehouse
Medical Equip & Accs & Supp - (2)
Tools and machines, accessories and consumable supplies used by physicians or those in the practice of medicine or related fields. Assistive and corrective devices for people with disabilities. Medical equipment and supplies for animals.
Mineral, Textile, Inedible Plant & Animal Matls - (1)
Unprocessed materials such as stone, soil and ores, refined base or precious metals, inedible plant, forestry and animal materials as well as natural or synthetic fibers and cloth, leather and animal skins, scrap and waste materials.
Mining & Oil & Gas SVC - (0)
The mining and oil and gas industries.
Mining & Well Drilling Machine & Accs - (0)
The machines and accessories necessary to burrow beneath the earth's surface or related processes for obtaining a natural element.
Music Insts, Games,Toys, Arts, Edu, Equip & Supps - (4)
Teaching aids used in both school and home settings; educational items such as decorative supplies seen in school settings; and arts and crafts equipment and supply items. Musical instruments and accessories are such as puzzles, toys and games.
National Defense,Public Order,Security& Safety SVC - (1)
Services associated with the maintenance of law and order as well as personal safety and property protection. Military service and fire fighting services.
Office Equip & Accs & Supp - (1)
Office machines, equipment, accessories & supplies used in the clerical and admin function of a business. Such as calculating, copying and mail handling equipment as well as drafting and stationary supplies and accessories like instrument desk organizers.
Organizations & Clubs - (0)
Representation services provided by organization of persons that have a common interest normally charged for as membership or association fees. Clubs, unions and trade associations as well as civic organizations.
Paper Matls & Products - (0)
Paper used for commercial printing, forms, envelopes, reprographics, and tablets as well as value-added papers which feature special surface treatments, color, chemicals, or fiber content that meet specific needs.
Personal & Domestic SVC - (0)
Services associated with personal care and assistance such as domestic service and day and elderly care providers as well as hairdressers, manicurists, and pedicurists.
Politics & Civic Affairs SVC - (2)
Services associated with the representation and advancement of culture, community or social interests through either public or private programs. Refugee assistance and disaster relief.
Power Generation&Distribution Machine & Accs - (1)
Machine to convert forms of energy into mechanical force & create electricity. Ability to transmit power from engine to actuator & systems & items for the distribution of electrical, mechanical energy like motors, generators, transformers & transmissions.
Printing,Photographic, Audio & Visual Equip & Supp - (1)
Photographic film, plates & paper, cameras, lenses & accessories, microfilm equipment, photographic studio equipment, photographic chemicals and supplies as well as printing industry equipment and supplies such as inks and washes.
Public Utilities & Public Sector Related SVC - (7)
Services associated with the supply of power and water, provision, management or enhancement of voice or data communications such as postal, telex, fax and telephone charges. The cable and satellite television, installation and service charges.
Published Products - (1)
published copyright material such as software, music, books, magazines, and newspapers, in print or electronic form.
Resin,Rosin,Rubber,Foam,Film & Elastomeric Matls - (0)
Rubber and plastic material, including elastomers that are used in manufacturing and construction
Service Industry Machine & Equip & Supp - (1)
Machinery and equipment used in a wide range of retail business service environments such as food service, banking, games and entertainment and other consumer goods and services
Sports & Recreational Equip & Supp & Accs - (2)
Equipment, supplies and accessories used in recreational activities such as sports, camping, hobbies, recreational fishing and hunting. Playground, fitness and spa equipment are also found here, as are collectibles (such as antiques) and awards.
Structure,Building,Construct&Manufact Compt & Supp - (11)
Comptents & systems used in the construction, repair & maintenance of structures & roads. Structural shapes, prefabricated structures, interior & exterior finishing products, electrical & plumbing fixtures like lumber, building Comptents & concrete.
Timepieces & Jewelry & Gemstone Products - (0)
Portable and stand-alone timepieces, cosmetic and fine jewelry (often set with gems) worn for personal adornment as well as and precious, semiprecious, or synthetic stones.
Tools & General Machine - (1)
Hand held devices as well as small or multipurpose pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical or electronically operated devices used in the manufacture, repair and maintenance of products.
Transportation & Storage & Mail SVC - (5)
Services associated with cargo and personal transportation.
Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment SVC - (1)
Services associated with tourism, travel or entertainment. Provided by restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, cinemas and sporting events as well as spas, fitness and health clubs

To view or print a solicitation document, click on the solicitation number. If an addendum has been issued, it will be located directly under the bid being modified and will be designated as an addendum.

Note: NCeP Sourcing solicitations and addenda are found in NCeP Sourcing, except for an addendum to extend the bid opening date, which will be located directly under the modified solicitation.

Solicitations for Statewide Term Contracts are in RED and solicitations for Agency Specific Term Contracts are in GREEN

It is the responsibility of the bidder to make sure that all addenda have been reviewed and, if need be printed, signed, and returned.

Check each solicitation document to verify the type of response required for that solicitation:

  • Use the eBid button when the solicitation document indicates that NC BIDS must be used to submit your bid.
  • Use the NCeP button when the solicitation document indicates that NCeP Sourcing must be used to submit your bid.
    • Note: An Ariba network ID is required to respond via NCEP Sourcing. If you do not already have an Ariba network ID, please begin responding at least 48 hours in advance to help ensure that your ID is created and your bid is submitted prior to the bid open date/time.
  • For solicitations with no button, electronic bids are not permitted, submit a paper bid.
WHO SHOULD BE CONTACTED? If you are having difficulty retrieving a solicitation document, or the document is incomplete, click on the code or number listed in the HELP column to obtain assistance. This will bring up a new screen that will show the person to contact to help you retrieve the document. If, however, you have a question concerning the details of a solicitation, contact the purchaser listed in the solicitation document.