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This page allows you to locate open documents by one or more selection criteria. Solicitations are open until either the bid open date or the mandatory conference/site visit date have passed.To search for open bids, enter your search criteria in the form below and click the SEARCH button. If any criteria do not apply simply leave that item blank.
Purchasing Agency:
Date Range:
Compare Date Range To:

The Open Date is the opening date for the solicitation, the Mandatory Conference/ Site Visit Date is the date of a pre-bid mandatory conference or site visit, the Cancel Date is the cancellation date of the solicitation, the Issue Date is the date the solicitation was first entered into IPS, and the Last Change Date is the date the solicitation posting was most recently updated.
Key Word:  
Type up to 5 words that may appear in the document title. A match on any word, and that fits the other criteria, will result in that document being listed. List each keyword separated by a comma. To search for apples and oranges type Apples, Oranges.