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To view or print the bid document, click on the bid number below. Any subsequent addenda will also be available via this Web site. If an addendum has been issued, it will be located directly under the bid being modified and will be designated as an addendum. Solicitations for Statewide Term Contracts are in RED, Solicitations for Agency Specific Term Contracts are in GREEN and Solicitations for Recovery Funds are in BLUE..

It is the bidders responsibility to insure that all addenda have been reviewed and, if need be printed, signed, and returned.

WHO SHOULD BE CONTACTED? If you are having difficulty retrieving a solicitation document, or the document is incomplete, click on the code or number listed in the HELP column to obtain assistance. This will bring up a new screen that will show the person to contact to help you retrieve the document. If, however, you have a question concerning the details of a solicitation, contact the purchaser listed in the solicitation document.

Design Services
Bid NumberDescriptionDate IssuedBid Opening
Bid Opening
287-16-14387-01 ECSU - Renovation to GR Little Library and Moore Hall 5/23/2016 6/20/2016 5:00 PM ET 287-
SCO-DEQ_Assess_Waste_Site Burnt Mill Creek & Sims Legion Park Landfill Design & Implementation 5/19/2016 6/17/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
SCO-Small_Waste_Volume_Sites Bunn Dump & Bostic Refuse Dump Landfill Design and Implementation 5/19/2016 6/17/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
SCO-DACS_Co_Laboratory New Co-Lab to replace 5 obsolete laboratory facilities 5/19/2016 6/10/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
298-cpm1415001rfq RFQ for RADTIP Asbestos & Lead Testing 5/27/2016 6/9/2016 5:00 PM ET 298-
298-sw1516002rfq RFQ for Stormwater, Flood, and Green Infrastructure Design 5/20/2016 6/9/2016 5:00 PM ET 298-
306-0516-0224 Letter of Interest for Medlin Campus Center Renovation
Submit 2 copies of LOI and SF-330
5/17/2016 6/9/2016 5:00 PM ET 306-
SCO-DOJ_Old_Ed_Roofing_2016 Replacement of existing roof system for Old Engineering Building 5/24/2016 6/9/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
287-16-14192-01 ECU - Replace CW and Repair HVAC McGinnis/Messick/Speight 5/23/2016 6/7/2016 5:00 PM ET 287-
SCO-DOJ_Dorm_C_Renovation Salemburg Campus in need of major repairs and upgrades 5/19/2016 6/7/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
287-16-15473-01 FSU - Lyons Science Building Comprehensive Renovation 5/11/2016 6/6/2016 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-16-15473-02 FSU - Lyons Science Building Comprehensive Renovation Commissioning 5/11/2016 6/6/2016 5:00 PM ET 287-
SCO-SampsonCC_Weldg_STEM_ADA Design of welding building laboratory additions and ADA modifications 5/20/2016 6/3/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
SCO-SampsonCC_Weldg_STEM_ADA-1 Addendum 1 --- Updated Information
SCO-WayneCC_WAMC Advanced Manufacturing Center Repairs and Renovations for labs 5/19/2016 6/3/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
306-0516-0223 Testing and Balancing (TAB) for Center for Advanced Manufacturing
Submit 2 copies of LOI and SF-330
5/17/2016 6/2/2016 5:00 PM ET 306-
88-052316-1 CPCC Central Campus North Energy Plant 5/24/2016 6/1/2016 5:00 PM ET 88-
323-16-011 RFQ for Design Services for Roof Replacement 5/19/2016 5/31/2016 3:00 PM ET 323-
323-16-011-1 Addendum 1 --- Addendum 1