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To view or print the bid document, click on the bid number below. Any subsequent addenda will also be available via this Web site. If an addendum has been issued, it will be located directly under the bid being modified and will be designated as an addendum. Solicitations for Statewide Term Contracts are in RED, Solicitations for Agency Specific Term Contracts are in GREEN and Solicitations for Recovery Funds are in BLUE..

It is the bidders responsibility to insure that all addenda have been reviewed and, if need be printed, signed, and returned.

WHO SHOULD BE CONTACTED? If you are having difficulty retrieving a solicitation document, or the document is incomplete, click on the code or number listed in the HELP column to obtain assistance. This will bring up a new screen that will show the person to contact to help you retrieve the document. If, however, you have a question concerning the details of a solicitation, contact the purchaser listed in the solicitation document.

Design Services
Bid NumberDescriptionDate IssuedBid Opening
Bid Opening
287-15504-01 UNC-P - New School of Business 10/13/2016 11/22/2016 5:00 PM ET 287-
48-1610 Chiller Addition
Please submit all documentation through
10/20/2016 11/18/2016 04:00 PM ET 48-
354-10112016 Winding Pine WWPS Design and Construction Adminstration
Question shall be submitted November 3, 2016 no later than 2:00 EDT
10/11/2016 11/16/2016 3:00 PM ET 354-
487-NorthCountyLibDesign-2016 A/E services for renovation design + construction of North County Lib 10/13/2016 11/10/2016 1:30 PM ET 487-
487-NorthCountyLibrary-2016 Programming Services for Renovation of North County Library 10/13/2016 11/10/2016 1:30 PM ET 487-
354-10122016 RFP On-Call Traffic Engineering Services
Question shall be submitted October 25, 2016 no later than 2:00 EDT
10/12/2016 11/9/2016 3:00 PM ET 354-
287-41636HBRDEVD ECU-Historic Bldgs Restoration-Third Party Development Solicitation 8/8/2016 11/8/2016 4:00 PM ET 287-
90-201617-58 Letters of Interest - Civil Engineer 10/7/2016 11/7/2016 02:00 PM ET 90-
SCO-Pamlico-Comm-College Johnson Building Renovations - Main Campus 10/3/2016 11/4/2016 03:00 PM ET SCO-
354-09302016 Design/Analysis 9/30/2016 11/3/2016 03:00 PM ET 354-
287-16-16092-01 NCSU - Harris Hall Student Services Renovation 10/7/2016 11/1/2016 5:00 PM ET 287-
354-9262016 Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility Vulnerability Assessment Update 9/26/2016 10/28/2016 03:00 PM ET 354-
130-WTCC9040C Design Services for Renovation for Ready Hall - Main Campus
See bid document for specific details
9/23/2016 10/25/2016 2:00 PM ET 130-
130-WTCC9040C-1 Addendum 1 --- Additional information for Renovation
76-2212-16 Replace Air Handler & Upgrade VAV System in Garibaldi Bldg. 10/3/2016 10/25/2016 2:00 PM ET 76-
76-2213-16 Replace HVAC System in Watson Bldg. on LLP Campus 10/3/2016 10/25/2016 2:30 PM ET 76-
76-2214-16 Add Second Floor to Center for Technology 10/3/2016 10/25/2016 3:00 PM ET 76-