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To view or print the bid document, click on the bid number below. Any subsequent addenda will also be available via this Web site. If an addendum has been issued, it will be located directly under the bid being modified and will be designated as an addendum. Solicitations for Statewide Term Contracts are in RED, Solicitations for Agency Specific Term Contracts are in GREEN and Solicitations for Recovery Funds are in BLUE..

It is the bidders responsibility to insure that all addenda have been reviewed and, if need be printed, signed, and returned.

WHO SHOULD BE CONTACTED? If you are having difficulty retrieving a solicitation document, or the document is incomplete, click on the code or number listed in the HELP column to obtain assistance. This will bring up a new screen that will show the person to contact to help you retrieve the document. If, however, you have a question concerning the details of a solicitation, contact the purchaser listed in the solicitation document.

Design Services
Bid NumberDescriptionDate IssuedBid Opening
Bid Opening
48-1509 Meadowmont GI Procedures Expansion
Submit all paperwork through
11/18/2015 12/21/2015 04:00 PM ET 48-
287-45592301 UNC-CH - Kenan Laboratories Floors 3-9 Sprinklers 11/20/2015 12/17/2015 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-45592301-1 Addendum 1 --- Revised project description
SCO-Department-of-Admini DOA-SCO-Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract 10/27/2015 12/15/2015 02:00 PM ET SCO-
287-41536301 ECU - Four Residence Hall Renovation - Greene Residence Hall 11/20/2015 12/11/2015 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-41526302 UNC-C - Admissions and Visitors Center 11/20/2015 12/10/2015 5:00 PM ET 287-
487-Revovated_Intake_Roof-RFQ RFQ for Arch/Eng Design Services for New Elevated Pedistal Roof System
Questions-Email David Murdock at
11/19/2015 12/10/2015 2:00 PM ET 487-
88-111215-1 CPCC: Adv. Planning RFQ for Merancas Campus - Classroom Building 11/12/2015 12/9/2015 4:00 PM ET 88-
287-41422305 UNC-CH - MBRL/Glaxo Energy Conservation Measures-Airflow Reduction 11/13/2015 12/4/2015 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-41424315 NCSU - CBC Road Improvements and Traffic Safety 11/12/2015 12/4/2015 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-41424315-1 Addendum 1 --- Cancel solicitation
269-2016-NCDOT General Engineering Services for NCDOT Projects 11/18/2015 12/3/2015 02:00 PM ET 269-
287-41523310 UNC-CH - Beard Hall 2nd Floor Renovation 11/12/2015 12/3/2015 5:00 PM ET 287-
SCO-DEQ_Wildlife_Resources_Com Jordan Lake Depot 11/16/2015 12/1/2015 03:00 PM ET SCO-
123-111215 Archtitectural Design 11/12/2015 11/30/2015 01:00 PM ET 123-
SCO-Revenue_Security_Upgrades Upgrade the Security Command Control Center at Raleigh-Headquarters 11/12/2015 11/30/2015 03:00 PM ET SCO-
SCO-Wildlife_Resources_Comm Sandhills Depot Shop/Storage & Office Building 11/13/2015 11/30/2015 03:00 PM ET SCO-