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The NC Business Invitation Delivery System (NC BIDS) is a new feature of IPS that enables vendors to respond to specified solicitations electronically. Vendors must be registered in the NC electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) to use the feature. NC BIDS is being implemented in waves, with specific state agencies beginning participation in each wave. After an agency begins participation in NC BIDS, all subsequent solicitations posted by that agency will display a new eBid button on the IPS website, and each solicitation document will indicate whether the eBid button can be used for that solicitation.

Welcome to the North Carolina electronic Vendor Portal (eVP), a one‐stop shop for Vendors registering to do business with the state! eVP is a free, electronic registration system that allows Vendors to enroll in all Department of Administration systems including the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS), the Statewide Uniform Certification (SWUC) Program, and NC E‐Procurement @ Your Service in one central location.
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