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North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System

Navigating Through the Site

Welcome to North Carolina Purchase and Contract's Interactive Purchasing System. Please review the following tips for navigating this site. It is suggested that you print a copy of these instructions so you may follow the various topics as you navigate through this system.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view information stored via PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, we recommend following the instructions below and download it now.

Now select the free reader version at the bottom of the page by double clicking “Get Acrobat Reader Free”. Scroll down the page to Step 1 and make your language selection (English is the default), select your platform/operating system (Windows 95, Windows 98, XP, Vista, etc.), and select the nearest location (USA is the default). Step 2 requires you to enter your name and e-mail address. For Step 3, double click download. Select your desired directory and click okay or save to download the file. After download is complete, go to the saved file and double click the file name to begin installation. After installation you are ready to read PDF documents.

IPS Navigation Menu

Simply click on any active link to move through the IPS site (any text that is in color and underlined). The top of each screen contains links to all the sections. The Public Menu contains a brief description of each section. NOTE: This site contains solicitations for many agencies. If you have questions about a particular posting, please click the Help button next to the solicitation for the contact person's information.

IPS Tips

This section contains instructions on downloading/installing Adobe Acrobat Reader and a brief outline of the IPS system.

Bids by Category

The Bids by Category section takes you to a menu containing all solicitations by specific commodity groups and the number of available solicitations for each category. Links are only active if solicitations are available. Simply click the desired category to view the solicitations. When you click on a specific category, the bid number, description, date issued, bid opening date, and bid opening time are displayed. Statewide Term Contracts are listed in red and Agency Specific Term Contracts are in green. Information on Pre-Bid/Mandatory Conference/ Site Visits/Addenda is shown where applicable. If solicitations are cancelled before bid opening date, they remain on the system until the original bid opening date. If the solicitation is cancelled after the bid opening date, it remains on the system for thirty days after the cancellation date. If there are difficulties retrieving a particular solicitation, please click on the link for Help.

Bids by Department

It is easy to find current solicitations for a specific agency. Only active links are underlined and the number of solicitations are listed by the agency name.

Search for Open Bids

Searching for open bids allows a system search by various methods. You may search by individual or all purchasing entities, specific or all categories, or you may search to find all solicitations for a specific department, a specific category, or key words. For example, if you are searching for the key word "boat", you will receive results containing the word "boat" in the title of the bid. You will not receive any bids with a key word synonym, in this case, a word such as "ship". The key word search is limited to five words. If there are solicitations that fit these criteria they will be returned. If you know specific date information on a solicitation, you may search a specified date range on Open Date, Mandatory Conf/Site Visit Date, Cancel Date, Issue Date or Last Change Date. You must specify a valid date range following today's date if searching an Open Date or Mandatory Conf/Site Visit Date.

Search by Bid Number

Searching by Bid Number will return any open solicitations, solicitations under evaluation, bid tabulations, or awarded solicitations for a period of thirty days beyond the award date. If the solicitation has been awarded, the tabulation may be viewed by clicking the link VIEW BID TABULATION. Cancelled solicitations are shown until the original bid opening date if it was cancelled prior to the opening date. If the solicitation is cancelled after the opening date, that information will remain available to the public for thirty days after the cancellation date.

Vendor Link NC

North Carolina's electronic vendor notification and registry system makes doing business with the State of North Carolina a whole lot easier! This is a free online internet service for companies to do business with the state that's part of the NC Interactive Purchasing System. Receive next day e-mail notification of procurement opportunities in your selected areas of interest. Publicize your company to state agencies, universities, community colleges, and public schools seeking a wide range of products and services. Register and enter information online about your company that you update anytime.

P&C Homepage

Provides information on procurement opportunities around the state, links to pages on purchasing and information on Purchase and Contract, links you to the Vendor Link NC registry system, links to the term contract page for all of NC, contains sustainability links, the latest purchasing information, and related links of interest.