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Agriculture, Supplies - (4)
Agricultural Tractors, Feed & Bedding, Animal, Fish & Fowl, Lawn & Garden Tractors, Livestock & Animals, Mowers, Poultry Equipment, Seeds, etc.
Appliances - (2)
Commercial Washers & Dryers, Electric Water Coolers, Ice Makers & Dispensers, laundry Equipment, Sewing Machines, Spraying Equipment, Window Air Conditioners & Filter Cartridges, etc.
Athletic Equipment and Supplies - (2)
Athletic Equipment and Supplies, etc.
Audio-Visual and Photographic Equipment - (13)
AV Stands/Cabinets; Laminating Transparency Equip/Supplies; Projectors/LCD Panels; Sound Recording/Reproduction Equip; Intercom, Public Address, Tape Recorders, Etc; Microfilm, Microfilming Equip/Supplies; Photographic Equip/Supplies; TV/Video Equip
Building Materials - (3)
Maint Supplies, Abrasives, Fasteners, Fencing, Hardware, Heating/Air Cond, Nails, Packing Equip, Pumps, Signs, Steam Water/Boilers, Strapping, Wire Products, Tile, Bricks/Stone Products, Prefab/Pre Engr Buildings, Insulation/Supplies
Carpet and Floor Maintenance Machines - (1)
Carpets and Carpet Cushions, Floor Maintenance Machines, Vacuum Cleaners
Chemicals - (1)
Agricultural & Industrial/Commercial, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Water Treatment, Agricultural/Water Treatment, Welding & Medical Gases, Road Salt
Clocks, Watches - (0)
Clocks, Jeweler's Equipment, Watches
Clothing and Apparel - (3)
Clothing and Apparel; Luggage and Briefcases; Shoes and Boots; Uniforms (Launderable)
Communication Equipment - (7)
Closed Circuit Television Equipment, Facsimile Transmission Devices, Single Line Essx Telephone Sets, Telephone Systems, Voice Processing Equipment
Computers (Related) - (13)
Microcomputers, Data Processing Hardware, Computer Software
Construction Services - (50)
Includes services performed by licensed and non-licensed General, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors
Design Services - (21)
Design work performed by Architects and Engineers as they relate to construction.
Drugs and Medicines - (0)
Birth Control Items; Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, and Biologicals; Influenza Vaccine; Intravenous Administration Sets
Educational Equipment and Supplies - (3)
Chalkboards/Tackboards/Erasers; Drafting Equip/Supplies; Electronics Courses; Art Materials; School Paper Items/Supplies/Arts/Crafts; Barber/Beauty Shop Equip; Training Aids; Musical Instruments/Supplies; Theatrical Equip/Supplies; Visual Equip/Supplies
Electrical Equipment - (8)
Cable; Lights; Meters; Wires
Food (Related) - (6)
Bakery/Meat/Canning Equip; Containers; Snacks; Cutlery/Dishes/Flatware/Glassware/Cooking Utensils; Supplements/Infant Formulas; Bakery (Not Frozen)/Dairy Products; Frozen/Prepared/Ready-To-Eat/Breakfast/Perishable Foods, Etc; Soups
Furniture - (2)
Bookcases; Classroom Furniture, Mobile, Fold, Wood; Computer; Ergonomic Chairs; Filing Cabinets; Laboratory; Library; Non-Office; Office; Metal Classroom; Upholstered Office Chairs, Steel/Safety Storage Cabinets; Upholstered Furniture; Wood Casegoods
Grounds Maintenance/Landscape/Playground - (0)
Maintenance Equipment, Landscaping Equipment, Playground Equipment
Highway Construction Equipment and Supplies - (39)
Backhoes, Bituminous Materials, Crawlers, Earth Handling, Loaders, Pavers, Spreaders, Culverts and Corrugated Pipe, Wire Rope
Janitorial Supplies and Equipment - (0)
Can Liners; Cleaners/Disinfectants & Odor Counteractants; Door Mats/Matting; Floor Maintenance Materials; Floors, Dust, Scrub Brushes/Brooms; Hand Soap; Housekeeping Equipment; Wet & Dry Mops; Pails, Waste Cans, Etc; Wiping Cloths
Laboratory Equipment and Supplies - (2)
Chemicals & Biological Culture Media, Glassware & Plasticware, Lab Equipment & Supplies (Elementary Schools, Chem. & Others), Microscopes, Lab Recording Instruments, Scales and Weighing Equipment
Leasing RFP - (1)
Acquisitions and Dispositions by Lease (Commodity Code 971 REAL PROPERTY RENTAL OR LEASE)
Machines and Tools - (7)
Mattress Manufacturing Machinery & Supplies, Air Compressors, Hand & Platform Trucks, Hand Tools, Machine Shop Equipment, Service Tools, Welding Equipment, Wire Rope; Batteries, Drycell and Flashlight; Locks
Marine Equipment - (2)
Boats, Motors, Trailers
Material Handling Equipment - (0)
Conveyers, Dock Ramps, Forklifts, Hand Trucks
Medical Equipment and Supplies - (2)
Dental, Weighing, Veterinary, Hospital Equip/Supplies; Prosthetic Devices; Blood Collection; Disposable Gloves/Syringes/Needles; First Aid/Infection Control Products; Surgical Endoscopic/Wound Care/Dressings & Instruments/Medical; Thermometers; X-Ray
Office Equipment and Supplies - (3)
Forms, Paper/Labels/Envelopes, Copiers, Calculators, Typewriters, Filing Supplies, Microfiche Equip, Calendars/Diaries, Dictation/Transcribing Equip, Pencil Sharpeners/Parts, Pens/Markers, Toner Cartridges, Staplers, Surveying/Drafting Equip, Ribbons
Oil and Gas - (2)
#2 Fuel Oil Tanker & Transport (Hi & Lo Sulph), #5 & #6 Residual, Gasoline Pumps & Accessories, Tankwagon & Transport Gasoline, Heating Fuels, Motor Oils, Lubes/Antifreeze, Propane (Tankwagon)
Paint and Paint Materials - (0)
House, Interior & Commercial Types; Paint and Paint Materials; Paint Brushes; Spraying Equipment
Paper and Paper Products, Plastics - (1)
Computer Paper/Labels; Office Paper and Envelopes; Paper Napkins and Towels, Toilet Tissue; Envelopes, Plain; Forms, Computer, Continuous, Snapout, Plain; Paper, Plastic, and Synthetic Products; Paper: For Office and Print Shop Use
Police Equipment - (1)
Clothing, Guns, Protection Enforcement Equipment, Rifles
Printing, Publications, Equipment and Supplies - (3)
Bookbinding, Repairing; Decals, Stamps, Stickers; Printed Envelopes; Forms; Printing & Silkscreening; Books, Folders, Maps; Tickets, Coupon & Receipt Books; W-2 Forms, 1099, Mailers; Business Cards; Printing Plant Equip & Supplies
Promotional and Award Items - (4)
Badges, Buttons, and Pins Identification; Bus Driver Safety Award Lapel Pin; Service Awards
Safety Equipment - (1)
Eye Face Protectors, Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Protection Equipment, Hoses, Prescription Safety Spectacles
Services (Contractual and Consultant) - (131)
Education/Training, Environmental Services, Food Services, Janitorial, Medical Services, Security Guard Services, Financial Services, Communications and Media Related Services, Etc.
Steel - (3)
Angles Plates, Bars, Beams, Rounds, Sheets, Structural, Tubing
Storage Containers - (0)
Barrels, Fuel Tanks, Water Tanks
Textile Items - (3)
Cotton, Linters, Flags (Poles), Banners, Sewing Supplies, Rags, Wiping CLoths, Towels, School Bus Seat Covers, Sewing Machines, Textiles, Piece Goods, Household Linens
Transportation, Vehicles, and Supplies - (11)
Airplanes/Helicopters, Ambulances, ATV Handicap Conversions, Buses, Law Enforcement/Passenger Vehicles, Trucks (Bodies), Auto Lifts/Parts, Batteries, Bearings, Car Chains, School Bus Seat Covers, Spark Plugs, Spraying Equip, Tires, Road Weigh Scales
Window Coverings, Upholstery - (1)
Draperies, Curtains, and Upholstery; Venetian Blinds