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To view or print the bid document, click on the bid number below. Any subsequent addenda will also be available via this Web site. If an addendum has been issued, it will be located directly under the bid being modified and will be designated as an addendum. Solicitations for Statewide Term Contracts are in RED, Solicitations for Agency Specific Term Contracts are in GREEN and Solicitations for Recovery Funds are in BLUE..

It is the bidders responsibility to insure that all addenda have been reviewed and, if need be printed, signed, and returned.

WHO SHOULD BE CONTACTED? If you are having difficulty retrieving a solicitation document, or the document is incomplete, click on the code or number listed in the HELP column to obtain assistance. This will bring up a new screen that will show the person to contact to help you retrieve the document. If, however, you have a question concerning the details of a solicitation, contact the purchaser listed in the solicitation document.

UNIVERSITY - UNC General Administration Design/Construction
Bid NumberDescriptionDate IssuedBid Opening
Bid Opening
287-17-16719-05A-1 UNC-CH - Translational Research Building - CM at Risk
Soliciting CM at Risk firm for project construction
7/18/2018 8/17/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-17-16719-05A-1-1 Addendum 1 --- Correct description and revise closing date
287-CI41828-301 UNC-W - Randall Library Renovation and Expansion 7/6/2018 8/10/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-CI41828-301-1 Addendum 1 --- Add pre-submittal meeting information
287-18-P11658 UNC-W - Dining Facility 7/9/2018 8/9/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-18-P11658-1 Addendum 1 --- Additional information regarding pre-submittal meeting
287-P15024CDB UNC-W - Parking Deck II 7 Surface Lot - Design-Build Project
Soliciting design-build team for project under that delivery method
7/12/2018 8/9/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-P15024DDB UNC-W - Parking Deck II 7 Surface Lot - Design-Build Project
Soliciting design-build team for project under that delivery method
7/12/2018 8/9/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-16-15490-02CPQ UNC-A - Interior Demolition of Carmichael and Owen Halls-Prequalifying
Prequalifying contractors for single prime project
7/12/2018 8/6/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-18-CI41830-301 ASU - Sanford Hall Comprehensive Renovation and Modernization 7/6/2018 8/3/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-15-12551-02B2PQB NCSU - Engineering Building Oval - Building Bid Packages
Prequalified bidders only
6/22/2018 8/2/2018 3:00 PM ET 287-
287-16-15471-04B NCSU - Plant Sciences Building - Greenhouse 7/6/2018 8/2/2018 2:00 PM ET 287-
287-18-41826AMP UNC-C - Athletic Facilities Master Plan 7/6/2018 8/2/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-16-15956-01A-1 ECU - Uptown 209 Renovations 6/14/2018 8/1/2018 10:00 AM ET 287-
287-16-15956-01A-1-1 Addendum 1 --- Extend Opening Date
287-17-17702-01A-1 UNC-System Office-Fire Alarm Sys Upgr-CD and Meredith Spangler Bldgs 6/14/2018 8/1/2018 2:00 PM ET 287-
287-17-17702-01A-1-1 Addendum 1 --- Change bid opening date, time, and location
287-17-18302-01A-1 ECU - Main Campus Replacement Condensate From MH RC10 to RC45 6/20/2018 7/27/2018 1:30 PM ET 287-
287-17-18302-01A-1-1 Addendum 1 --- Correct email address for design firm contact
287-17-18302-01A-1-2 Addendum 2 --- Extend Opening Date
287-17-18302-01A-1-3 Addendum 3 --- Extend opening date
287-16-15505-02DEQPQBRB UNC-W - Veterans Hall/Allied Health Pkg 23C (Rebid)
Prequalified bidders only
7/20/2018 7/26/2018 1:00 PM ET 287-
287-16-15505-02DPQBRB UNC-W - Veterans Hall/Allied Health Energy Plant Bid Packages (Rebid)
Prequalified bidders only
7/20/2018 7/26/2018 2:00 PM ET 287-
287-17-16677-02 ECU - Mendenhall Comprehensive Renovation Commissioning 7/9/2018 7/26/2018 5:00 PM ET 287-
287-18-19057-01A1 NCA&T - Barbee Hall Roof Replacement 6/22/2018 7/26/2018 2:00 PM ET 287-
287-18-18333-02CPQ UNC-C - Res Hall Phase 16 - Moore Hall Demo & Abatement-Prequalifying
Prequalifying single prime contractors
7/6/2018 7/24/2018 2:00 PM ET 287-